I thought that it was more complicated since you have to edit sets, which is not the usual file replacing fare.Around 70 days have passed when I decided to make the 4th maid.Before that, you have to remove the mosaic in the game or else you wont see the uncensor textures anyway.

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Eye textures) are pretty meh.I have preferences for characters, but its more of a what kind of person I want to read about instead of what kind of person I would like to have as a waifu/husbando.I would have appreciated the variety only if the first category of face types I mentioned dont have a 3: face when theyre frowning.

It is ideal for people wanting to try the game for the first time (but dont want to spend hours installing DLC) and for veteran players who need a fresh reinstall.1 is the masturbation scene at the garden when she is drunk (acquaintance status).The most convenient reason of picking a translation for me is to be able to talk about the game using the same terms as the other players.