Eyes in various animals show adaptation to their requirements.Then there is the mysid shrimp, Dioptromysis paucispinosa.18 Because the individual lenses are so small, the effects of diffraction impose a limit on the possible resolution that can be obtained (assuming that they do not function as phased arrays ).

"The size of ommatidia in apposition eyes".Prey animals and competing predators alike would be at a distinct disadvantage without such capabilities and would be less likely to survive and reproduce.Vitrectomy Vitreoretinal Procedures These delicate surgical procedures for macular holes, retinal detachments and other conditions are performed in the eye's deep interior.

"Optimization, Constraint, and History in the Evolution of Eyes".This space is filled with a special transparent fluid that nourishes the eye and keeps it healthy."Structure and function of the larval eye of the sawfly larva Perga ".